I will be glad

Sunday, August 31, 2014

dingy beach, near the big wharf / those gorgeous red Eaton Park Peace Garden red roses / currently I'm having a love affair with paths / coneflower or rudbeckia ? / you can buy this beautiful brick house next spring / more Queen Anne's lace gorgeousness / I rarely cut flowers mainly because we have a vase-tipper cat Virgil - this is the end of the orange-ish bouquet / Monty's Emporium of Goodness window / another favourite annual here in Nova Scotia - morning glories, especially the blue variety / our front garden very old hydrangea tree bush / not sure what this is - found on one of my early morning explorations

I will be the gladdest thing Under the sun. I will touch a hundred flowers And not pick one. I will look at cliffs and clouds With quiet eyes, Watch the wind bow down the grass, And the grass rise. Edna St. Vincent Millay

* found this beautiful poem quote on creative hero Kelly Rae Roberts instagram feed

hello greys

Saturday, August 30, 2014

calm, still & grey early morning on the crescent beach / oh my red roses / devil's paintbrush wildflower / my poplars, my canopy / lavender / the crescent beach & me / meadow love / from the boat ramp near dingy beach / hey you bright lights cosmos / seagull platform / more of those oh my roses 

Black and white thinking limits understanding and feedback, two necessary ingredients for successful resolution in creative conflict and successful understanding. David W. Earle 

I've always been too much of a black or white, an all or nothing thinker. I chocked it up to "that's just how I am" very neutral about that rather severe take on things, not really pondering too much whether it was a good thing to be or not - it just was. It's so funny in life how these soft bonks on the head happen, a whisper from out of nowhere in your ear, or something points you in a direction you've not looked before or maybe you have looked but didn't see. Suddenly I'm inviting grey into my life, grey and all her friends (all 50 shades +), it's going to take sometime to get used to them all, I know that - but I feel I'm not only up for the challenge I welcome it.

Happy Weekend !!

When I learned about the grey existing between the black and white of absolute terms, I began to experience more peace. The more I expanded my grey areas, the more peace I experienced in my life. David W. Earle

19 photos of orange-ish flowers

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

stay tuned (below) for way too many photos (19 to be exact) of orange-ish, yellow & red flowers - calendula, coreopsis, coneflower & my new favourite annual cosmos bright lights + I gotta tell you that first photo - omg sigh, that first photo says absolutely everything that brings joy & love to my heart + I love the dream like out of focus quality - xoxo Susan + gang

a perfect quote in my inbox this morning from Mastin Kipp & the Daily Love crowd, speaking directly to me

The soul always knows what to do to heal itself. The challenge is to silence the mind.

Fate is how your life unfolds when you let fear determine your choices. A path of destiny reveals itself to you, however, when you confront your fear and make conscious choices.

I am convinced that the deepest desire within each of us is to be liberated from the controlling influences of our own psychic madness or patterns of fear. All other things—the disdain of ordinary life, the need to control others rather than be controlled, the craving for material goods as a means of security and protection against the winds of chaos—are external props that serve as substitutes for the real battle, which is the one waged within the individual soul. Caroline Myss